Meet Moe!

Moe Pritchett is an award winning chef and master griller!

Moe Pritchett’s barbeque sauce was originated generations ago in the backwoods of Alabama.This special recipe has been a family secret for decades. Now it can be your family secret to great barbecuing! With our herbs and spices you won’t be able to resist the taste sensation of our down home barbeque sauce. Moe is especially known for his BBQ ribs! Stop by his Kalamazoo restaurant to dine in or take out. Big Moe can also cater your next big event!

Backyard Grilling Instructions

Moe shares his BBQ talent and a few secrets to make your grilling exceptional. 

BBQ Training 101

Moe will show you step by step how to make the best BBQ ribs around! That's BBQ 101!